Are you really doing what you came here to do?

October 24, 2018

I was chatting to a beautiful client yesterday who came to me feeling stuck, overwhelmed and losing passion for her business.

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I was chatting to a beautiful client yesterday who came to me feeling stuck, overwhelmed and losing passion for her business. She wasn’t sure how she even ended up there.

I’ve seen this over and over again with amazing badass women.

It all starts with that fuck yeah energy! I’m doing what I WANT TO! The freedom, the abundance, the laptop lifestyle wooohoo!

And then? Over time…

We find ourselves saying yes to client requests when we really mean no

We find ourselves selling services and products that don’t light us up

We just get back into the daily push, force and grind and the joy? It’s gone

And that BIG dream we want? That gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list, collecting dust on the daily.

It’s like we’ve wound up back at the 9-5 we tried so hard to escape from.

Are you feeling that way too gorgeous? Like you’re not REALLY doing what you want? Like there’s something missing?

When you check in and get honest with yourself – are the beliefs, actions and emotions you’re giving your energy to, in alignment with your big vision dreams?

Is it what you REALLY, REALLY want?

Or are you chasing someone else’s dream?

Are you saying yes because you’re afraid to commit to your soul?

Are you saying yes to stuff keeping you distracted because you’re not ‘ready’ yet to do the things you really wanna do?

When is enough, enough beauty?

I asked myself the same question today.

Things are shifting in my business and my life and I know I could keep doing what I’m doing, offering the same services and saying yes to clients, but there’s also the REAL part of me that knows what I REALLY want.

So today I decided enough was enough.

Today the commitment of my time goes to what I REALLY want to do (what my soul desires and requires of me)

And there’s no going back.

So where are you DOING ALL THE THINGS, but wanting the dream? But in wanting the dream, and doing all the things, you’re actually distracting yourself from having it all?

When are you going to finally stop, listen to soul and ACT on that?


I waited. And I won’t anymore.

And I know right now you’re wondering HOW or IF you’re ready to REALLY do the things you came here to do.

I see it all the time (I have been there!!)

It’s the coach who really wants to stop coaching and become a speaker and course creator

It’s the MLM babe who really wants to be selling her own knowledge into books and programs

It’s the health coach who wants to stop $99 hour sessions and become a published author

When is enough, enough?

When do the things you really want to do, and desire to live your life for, going to get the attention they deeply deserve??


You’ll either commit today to focusing on what YOU want to do, or you’ll spend another day lost in ‘doing it all’, saying yes to what no longer serves you and giving your energy to the stuff…the stuff keeping you stuck.

What will you choose? x

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