Jenna Black is a Luxury Soul™ Business Mentor, wealth expansion coach and high end healer.

She mentors world leading soul-sourced women as they scale into 6 - 7 figures, with authority, desire and soul.

Jenna is the host of WOMAN OF WEALTH™ the podcast and the creator of The Luxury Soul™ Business Method.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and the world’s top podcast shows, as she powerfully guides and supports women across the globe to unlock wealth and magnetism in their business, body and bank accounts.

Jenna’s Bio

Articles & Podcast Episodes

Clarity to Launch Podcast - Abundance and Femininity in Business with Jenna Black

I AM Goddess Collective Podcast – How to Shift from a Scarcity to an Abundance Mindset with Jenna Black

In My Non-Expert Opinion – Money Money Money with Abundant Boss Jenna Black

Forbes – This Entrepreneur Explains How To Meet Your “Inner Millionaire” And Overcome Limiting Money Beliefs

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The Cosmic Calling – Raising Your Abundance Vibe with Jenna Black

The Soulpreneur Show – How To Manifest Money and Abundance with Jenna Black

The Freedom Babe Podcast – Upgrading Your Self Worth and Net Worth with Jenna Black

The Brooke Alexander Show – Wealth, Abundance and Alignment with Jenna Black

The Real Her Project – How To Attract Success in Your Life Without The Hustle with Jenna Black

Live Your Light – How To Become A Money Magnet With Guest Jenna Black

Sattva Soul Podcast – Busting Through Limiting Beliefs with Jenna Black

Vibe Like That – Money Mindset and Abundance with Jenna Black

Raising Her Game – How To Supercharge Your Money Mindset

Spirit Girls with Jessica Reid – Abundant Boss with Jenna Black

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast – Slowing Down and Baby Proofing Your Business with Jenna Black

Huffington Post – Using your introvert edge to get ahead in business

Retreat Yourself – How to stay mindful during your workday

Let’s Get Into It – How To Get Unstuck and Start Taking Action w/ Jenna Black

Spark Intention – Interview with Abundant Boss Jenna Black: Coach, YouTuber & Podcaster

oh wabisabi - Jenna Black: How Tapping Into Higher Levels of Energy And Frequencies Led to a Multi 6-Figure Empire

She's Out Of This World - Abundance, Money Mindset & Owning Who You Are

Disrupt - 5 Top Female Coaches Share Spiritual Secrets to Financial Success

Taylor Victoria - Money Mindset Conditioning With Jenna Black

the empowered ceo - Calling In Next Level Abundance & Money NOW with Jenna Black

high vibin it - Unlock Your Money Portals + Manifest Wealth with Jenna Black

sovereign society podcast - Activating your Wealth Codes | Jenna Black

MOther the mother - Money Queen: Aligned & Abundant with Jenna Black 

Desire on Fire Podcast - Wealth, Abundance & Jealousy with Jenna Black

Rebecca Neale The Podcast – Becoming an Abundance Queen Featuring Jenna Black

GOSS Magazine No. 14

Lunar Lover: The Podcast- Business Energetics with Jenna Black

LIONESS RISING Podcast - #10 Step in your Legacy as a Wealthy Healer

THE MAMA CULTURE – The Motherhood Frequency of Wealth and Legacy with Jenna Black

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