Jenna Black


I’m here to remind you of your power.

I’m a multi-dimensional business and wealth mentor, psychic channel and high end healer. I work with the world’s most potent soul queens - women who are creating life-altering businesses that enrich the world.

Coaches, healers and leaders come to me to expand their business to 6 - 7 figures, dripping in luxe magnetism and moving with desire, pleasure and precision.

When you walk this path with me, your business and life will never be the same again.

You will unlock your higher self, and activate higher wealth - on all levels Body, business, bank account.

Together, we will walk you into higher realms of Pleasure, Wealth, Power - where money is your lover and soul is your CEO.

Becoming the woman you came here to be.

Dripping in riches, as you enrich the world.

Welcome To My World, Queen.


The Results

I literally manifested a whole new life. My partner and I are looking to move states, I had new clients start to work with me, I’m changing my business completely.
All these opportunities came to me when I joined Money Queen. I now believe I am completely worthy of my desires. I’m living like the Queen I am and I am unapologetically myself. I can feel all the magical possibilities coming my way.

“I Literally Manifested A Whole New Life…”

I no longer feel like money has to be stressful and the deep wounds I held around being worthy of receiving have been healed. This has not only impacted my personal financial mindset but has also drastically changed the way I run my business.

"...the deep wounds I held around being worthy of receiving have been healed"

I had 6 women enroll in one of my courses within a single week — prior I'd only had around 6 people over the last 3 months. Seriously, customers are just coming out of the woodwork! I feel like I've turned on the "lucky" switch in my life!

"I had 6 women enrol in one of my courses within a single week."

Natalia Benson worked with Jenna privately to scale her empire, heal her money story and step deeper into her power as a coach and leader. 

"I feel so strong and powerful. I generated $37,000 this month! Yay!"