I Work With The World’s Most Potent Soul Queens - Women Who Are Creating Life-Altering Businesses That Enrich The World.

Coaches, healers and leaders come to me to expand their business to 6 - 7 figures, rooted in pleasure, wealth and power. I guide you to unlock the calling of your higher self, and rise into higher wealth - on every level.

 Your soul is already luxury. And now it’s time to play in your wildest wet + holy desires. This is where we unlock the next level in your business, body and bank account.


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Pleasure, Wealth, Power™ is Jenna’s signature podcast show, inviting you into deeper realms of personal power, business wealth and success. Dive into the energetic codes, mindset shifts and soul-says-yes strategy, to scale your 6 - 7 figure business rooted in pleasure, certainty and desire.







Signature Programs

Wealth Seductress™️

Jenna’s signature global money healing and wealth manifestation program, designed for business queens ready to expand into delicious new realms of abundance and personal power.

Magnetic Luxe

Jenna’s signature 6 week program to elevate organic soul client sales, unlock your power codes scale with  luxury energetics into higher wealth months with flow.

Luxury Soul™

Jenna’s intimate and highest level private experience. A portal for the soul queen desiring 1:1 support as she scales her empire and alchemises into her fullest power as a woman of wealth.





The Results

I literally manifested a whole new life. My partner and I are looking to move states, I had new clients start to work with me, I’m changing my business completely.
All these opportunities came to me when I joined Money Queen. I now believe I am completely worthy of my desires. I’m living like the Queen I am and I am unapologetically myself. I can feel all the magical possibilities coming my way.

“I Literally Manifested A Whole New Life…”

I no longer feel like money has to be stressful and the deep wounds I held around being worthy of receiving have been healed. This has not only impacted my personal financial mindset but has also drastically changed the way I run my business.

"...the deep wounds I held around being worthy of receiving have been healed"

I had 6 women enroll in one of my courses within a single week — prior I'd only had around 6 people over the last 3 months. Seriously, customers are just coming out of the woodwork! I feel like I've turned on the "lucky" switch in my life!

"I had 6 women enrol in one of my courses within a single week."

Natalia Benson worked with Jenna privately to scale her empire, heal her money story and step deeper into her power as a coach and leader. 

"I feel so strong and powerful. I generated $37,000 this month! Yay!"

listen to Jenna’s powerful free wealth coding audio - designed to activate and unlock abundance in your energetic field each day.