You’ve felt her and you have those visions often… the offers, the legacy, the high ticket clientele, the luxe wealth, the magic. 

You know it’s all there. 

You know that so much MORE is available to you, now. 

Yet you’ve felt capped, taking the same strategic steps, doing the same energy practices to grow to the next level in your business, and well.. you’re kinda bored. 

And this is where I come in 💋

Open the divine doors to existing in a perpetual state of excess and flow with premium clients and wealth. 


The Luxess is the woman who commands a higher standard for herself, her money and her soul business.

A world in which she chooses who she wants to be - and money responds to that. 

A reality where she divinely directs exactly what she wants - the clients, the offers, the money, the feminine flow - and gets it. 

All sourced from her divine power, and...Source


As an elite soul activator and business mentor, I help you merge who you KNOW you are becoming - with your reality, now. 


We enter into your supreme god-state and the divine power of your soul, combined with my high level business mentorship and couture energetics.  

The result?

Instant overflow. 

This is the portal where elite levels of power drop from your god-state, and effortless premium client sales are the bare minimum. 

She is the power. 

When you’re in this level of elite divine power, you’ll no longer be borrowing ideas or “energy” from the collective - social media, past mentors or whoever else. 

The Luxess doesn’t outsource her power in order to attract premium clients, juicy money or rich soul experiences. 


This is the state where an entire offer is channeled in minutes - and sells out like that.

This is the state where you make a 1% tweak to your strategy - and it 10x’s your results. 

This is the state where you post a single piece of content - and you’re instantly magnetic. 

This is the state where you choose a higher standard for yourself - and your business, body and bank account go BOOM. 


Sharp, precise content instantly flows and attracts THOSE high ticket clients like bees to honey. From your divine state, everything lands in your lap - precise strategy, content ideas and energetic structures in your business that open the gates to ease. This is magnetism , unlocked. 

In this high-touch 8 week experience, we will:

Blow up your premium client sales with effortless attraction


Access your divine god-state where wealth is endless 


Imagine having direct and ongoing access to your divine god-state - where making decisions is easy, clarity is instant and you’re in a perpetual state of wealth flow. This is my specialty and it’s what sets this work apart from your average “business coaching” (we don’t do average here!) 

Structure your offer suite + energy field for spacious luxury and overflow 


An offer suite that is sourced from feminine pleasure and positions your soul gifts for instant authority. Your energy field is steeped in pleasure, magnetism and luxury. Selling becomes effortless and direct clarity is always available on your next post, launch, or client move. This is the new normal. 

Move as a high caliber woman, where what you command, is yours 

When you move from this state of power, your flow never ends and never dries out. You’re not searching for any more activations - you become the activation. Your words hold such potency, that what you speak is your immediate reality. Every move you make is from being the divine in motion - where opportunities, magic + wealth drop in like air. 

This is where you open to money, legacy and power from desire, not push. 

This is where you + your business enter her higher dimension - and never look back. 


This is the portal where you access that god-state, claiming exactly who you want to be and exactly what you desire - and get it. 


The details:

8 weeks 
8 sessions
+ 8 weeks of daily private high touch Telegram portal

US $8k in full or $1k x 8 week payment plan 

Apply below or message on Instagram for a vibe check or with any questions