The High Level Luxury Business Mastermind For The Coach, Healer or Leader Scaling Into $20k - $50k Months With Potency, Knowing and Soul.

This is for the woman who knows who she is and what she wants, and she is ready to claim it ALL . 

The powerful, pristine, decisive C.E.O 

The soul rich woman who says THIS is who I am.

This is the portal where you will meet yourself in your highest power.

Where your soul clients will move with you, attracted to your potency and ownership. 

Compounding into higher consistent cash months and new levels of wealth, presence and impact. 

Raising the standards for your business, your energy, your life. 

You will meet and embody ALL of you - the CEO, the mother, the leader, the magnetic queen, the infinite woman. 

Making the big moves you know you’re ready for. 

The vibe:

luxury, intimate, strategic, energetic, powerful

In QUEENDOM mastermind you'll energetically + strategically unlock your pathway to millions, in a way that is rich, divine and magnetic

This is for you if you want to:

  • Calibrate to your highest vision and desires
  • Channel your signature offers, soul gifts + potent presence
  • Expand your capacity in money, power and holding more
  • Stack your income and increase your monthly recurring revenue
  • Move from a higher level of soul knowing, pleasure and overflow 
  • Turn up the volume on sales, with organic and magnetic receiving 
  • Make the 1% divine tweaks to your strategy and energy that opens up wealth
  • Show up in your highest divine power and arrive fully into next level visibility
  • Reinvent yourself and rise into the evolution of you and your business 
  • Operate your business as the C.E.O with power and precision
  • Activate $20k-$50k months with pure, potent soul flow
  • Shift wealth timelines and calibrate to higher cash months 
  • Energetically and strategically scale with intentionality 
  • Shift into iconic branding as you own who you are, fully 
  • Clear energetic wealth leaks and sharpen your boundaries
  • Attract a new caliber of soul clientele with upgraded offers and pricing
  • Make moves that feel expansive, liberated and rich 
  • Become a pristine, clear channel for your highest wealth and love to flow 

…then QUEENDOM is it.

  • 6 Months Access to our High Proximity Mastermind
  • Direct Messenger Access Inside Group Voxer Chat (Daily M-F)
  • Direct coaching on group Zoom calls 
  • 2 x Mastermind Zoom Coaching Calls / Month
  • 1 x private 60 Minute High Level Business Strategy + Energetics Call With Jenna
  • All Access to Jenna's Programs
  • Private Queendom Mastermind Online Portal - With Business Trainings And Activations

Queendom Mastermind currently has two  pathways + investment levels:

1. Signature Level

  • Everything included in Signature level, plus an intimate hybrid of 1:1 mentorship with Jenna that includes;

  • 1 x private Zoom call / month with Jenna
  • 2 x private Voxer days / week with Jenna 

2. Luxury Level

I’ll guide you personally to align and upgrade your energy + business to hold the millions to come, with these 2 specific areas;

1. The refined strategy, business structure, signature offers and magnetic sales

2. The divine activation and energetic ownership of your gifts, power and opulence

QUEENDOM Mastermind is the luxury soul portal that will hold you as you calibrate to your audacious desires, initiate your highest cash months and arrive fully into your power and desired soul empire in the next 6 - 12 months.

Because your time is NOW, Queen.

Your Queendom

Your Energy 

Your Business









And In




Signature Offer Suite 
Premium Pricing
Multi 5 Figure + 6 Figure Months
Refined Growth Strategy
Presence And Visibility 
Financial Overflow
Daily Strategic Moves
Wealth Coding 
Money Healing
Luxury Positioning 
Embodiment and Alignment
Team And Support
Effortless Launches
Money Magnetism
Body, Spirit, Mindset
Organic Magnetic Sales 
Soul Client Attraction
Energetic Expansion
Spacious Scaling 
$20k - $100k Month Energetics 
Soul Leadership
Queendom Activation

This is my highest proximity container, outside of private mentorship.

I'll be by your side, as your business mentor, wealth expander and energetic healer, to support you in building your business energetically and strategically to hold the millions to come - AND bringing you into the richest alignment of your energy and power, for a lifetime of abundance to follow


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$5,000 FOR 3 MONTHS
$9,000 FOR 6 MONTHS