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October 23, 2018

I call myself a recovering perfectionist.

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I call myself a recovering perfectionist.

For years I would get lost in the planning, polishing and perfecting of my brand.

Tweaking my website colours!

Scrolling Pinterest for the perfect palette!

Creating whole e-courses before launching and then not even launching them for fear they weren’t ‘good enough’!


It was a crazy cycle of self sabotage!

And at the end of ‘busy’ days in my business I’d have that unsatisfied sinking feeling in my gut because deep down I KNEW I was holding myself back from fear…

I KNEW I wasn’t doing THE work or taking THE action that would really build my dreams.

I was hiding behind fonts and colours and ‘busy’ instead.

Do you feel it too beauty?

That sinking feeling you get when you are head down planning, polishing and perfecting your business…but the clients and money aren’t there, and you’re ‘busy’ doing stuff that keeps you distracted from the real work.


+ Striving for the perfect editorial calendar that makes you feel super organised and totally on track for a 6 figure year!

+ Perfecting your Insta feed with a whole new mood board for the 57th time (this is the one that will make you Insta famous!)

+ Mapping out your every action for the next 6 months into a planner, because THEN you’ll make it

Can’t you see gorgeous?

You are DISTRACTING yourself from what matters.

You are sinking deeper into perfectionism and planning and polishing, because you’re avoiding doing the messy, real work that drives your dreams forward.

I know this, because I was you.

And I had to get real with myself. Like REAL, REAL.

I had to start taking the messy, real and raw action forward.

I started messaging and speaking my truth DAILY.

I started SELLING my stuff (shock!)

I started writing again.

I launched my ideas when the inspiration struck and create the thing AFTER I sold it.

I showed up on social media and just shared from my heart.

I started live streaming without planning the perfect script.

I had to just go ALL IN and play FULL OUT on my desires, with all the fear still lingering.

Because I realised I had TWO options.

1 / Stay in planning mode, perfection mode, polishing mode and probably make ‘okay’ money but never really build my ultimate vision for my biz and life.

2 / GO ALL IN and ONLY follow my soul and take messy aligned action forward that I KNEW would manifest anything I truly desired.

I choose #2..duh

You also have this choice gorgeous. And it starts by looking at where you’re putting your energy and focus right now.

Write out a list of ALL THE THINGS you spend your days doing. Really look at that list.

Are the things you WANT to do and become KNOWN for, where you’re spending most of your time?

Are the things you’re putting your energy towards in alignment with your REAL dream for your biz and life?

Or are you over there in perfection / planning mode, perfectly mapping out things that never come to life?

You know what to do.

Lean into the messy action. Lean into the things that light you up. This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

This is it.

Today is the day it all changes.

But that’s on you of course.

So what will you choose?

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