When the money fixes itself out because that’s what you’ve decided

October 14, 2018

I made $4.5k in bed with the flu.

The question I asked myself to receive $50,000 in sales in 7 days
the power of decision
How giving less f*cks grew my business
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I made $4.5k in bed with the flu.

My head was foggy. My nose running non stop. I’d been in the same pyjamas for 48 hour straight.

I was swimming in a sea of used tissues…sorry for the visual!

And the payments still came in. Just like that. I didn’t have to worry.

I could focus on what was important.

My body. My health.
Getting back into feeling my bubbly self.

A year ago if I’d been in bed with the flu I would have FREAKED OUT about money.

I would have worried so much about how being sick would affect my business.

Worrying that I’d have to work triple the amount once I felt better…or even worse?


But that’s my old story. And I’m never going back to that.

What changed?

I started trusting myself over anyone else.
I worked on my money stuff, daily.
I shifted my energy and frequency, daily.
I owned my worth. DAILY.
I decided next level abundance was my new normal.
I took back my power.
I got laser focused in my strategy.
I owned my zone of genius.
I stepped into flow state.

I shifted all of these things, but ultimately what changed was that by being in ALIGNMENT, my vibration and frequency works for ME.

By being in alignment, the money flows.
By being in alignment, soulmate clients find ME.
By being in alignment, my business gets to be easy and fun.

Even when I’m sick in bed with the flu bingeing Netflix.

And all that’s stopping you from being in this flow is DECIDING that this is how it’s going to be for you too.

Letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Putting those blinders on and tuning IN and TRUSTING yourself.

Because babe, the money is there. It’s ALWAYS there. You just have to allow it in.

And that takes a simple decision to NOT settle for lacking anymore. Because deep down you KNOW you’re one of the wild ones destined for more. For that golden life.

Even when life throws a curveball your way like getting sick, you KNOW your business is working for you because you CHOSE for it to be that way.

And it starts with rewriting your story with money.

Choosing to stay aligned to your soul desires.

Choosing your new normal of abundance.

Choosing for your business to work for you, and not the other way around.

Want to get off the hot mess express and into your own flow with money? Join my 12 day kick starter money mindset program – MONEY QUEEN – right here. 

Jenna x

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