5 mindset shifts for 5 figure months

August 9, 2017

If you’re ready to break through to that next income level and bring in 5 figure months, being conscious of your mindset around money will be the key to help you rise up and hit your goals.

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Hey gorgeous woman! If you’re ready to break through to that next income level and bring in 5 figure months, being conscious of your mindset around money will be the key to help you rise up and hit your goals.

I see it all the time – talented women holding themselves back energetically from achieving their income goals. It doesn’t have to be that way! So I’ve put together 5 common mindset blocks you may be experiencing, and how to reprogram them so you can bring in that beautiful money into your business.

1 – “I’ll have to work longer and harder to make more money”

I’m going to hit you with a cliche’ (sorry!) – don’t work harder, work smarter.

We’ve heard this saying before and that’s because it rings true. But so many of us are still stuck in the ‘trade hours for dollars’ mentality. I get it, because this is one HUGE money block for me too.

Instead of thinking you’ll have to work longer hours, focus on working in smarter, savvier ways. Look at automating and systemising more areas of your business, batching your content as much as possible (time saver!), and most importantly…do the work that focuses on income generating tasks as a PRIORITY.

It’s easy to get swept into social media and email land, but if you wanna hit that next income level, bring your focus as the CEO of your biz back to what counts – which is money generating tasks.

2 – “I have to be perfect to be successful”

Oh my goddess this one hits big for so many of us! We feel the need to be perfectly presented online for people to ‘take us seriously’. I’m a recovering perfectionist (shout out to my other perfectionist ladies!) and my mantra this year has been:

“I give myself permission to be imperfect and do it anyway”

Remember, action is better than perfection and procrastination. And also – your tribe do not know what your version of perfection is, so you might as well create and show up with your amazing stuff and let the old perfectionist you fade away….#byegirl

3 – “I need to be everywhere at once and overdeliver to everyone”

One word. Essentialism. Stay in your niche and own your zone of genius. It’s incredibly easy to feel that we have to do it all and constantly be creating new products and new topics. But what sticks in the long haul is consistency around your zone of genius. Bring your focus back to what’s ESSENTIAL and keep mastering your craft.

You do not need to do it all. P.S Grab your copy of Essentialism by Greg McKeown this book changed my life..for real.

4 – “When I uplevel I’ll get criticised and judged more”

I quickly learnt in my business that haters are gonna hate. There are ALWAYS going to be people who judge you. But guess what? What others think of you is none of your business. That’s right. None of your business.

Getting your first hater online is a sign you’re being noticed and that’s GOOD. It shows you’re making an impact. Bring your focus back to those who need you – your loyal loving tribe. Remember that we can’t please everyone, and not everyone is going to like us.

I don’t want you to look back on your life and realise you let the opinions of a few unhappy people keep you from creating your dreams. Instead, detach emotionally and energetically from it, and move forward.

Let the fire in your heart burn stronger than any opinion or judgement.

5 – “I just want to help people and what I sell can be Googled for free”

Yep, it probably can be Googled for free. But the thing is, people pay for convenience and they pay for YOUR expertise. No one can create your stuff just like you (even if there seems to be a million coaches selling something similar.)

Remember that money is simply energy, so to create the flow and even exchange, you’ve gotta charge for your amazing value.

…Even if your content can be Googled

…Even if you’re a spiritual boss babe

…Even if you just want to help people


So. you’ve read to the end of this post and the next step is putting these mindset shifts into action. Comment below and tell me one thing you’re going to change this week to break through to 5 figure months.

Stay golden

Jenna x

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