The forgiveness ritual to heal your biggest money blocks

March 22, 2017

Through my work in manifesting, abundance and coaching clients over the years, forgiveness has been one of the most simple but transformational tools that I’ve seen to remove money blocks.

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Through my work in manifesting, abundance and coaching clients over the years, forgiveness has been one of the most simple but transformational tools that I’ve seen to remove money blocks.

If you feel like you keep coming up against the same money blocks, repeating patterns and cycle and it’s like watching bad re-runs of daytime TV (you’re over it)…then this beautiful forgiveness ritual will work wonders for you.

Our money blocks can show up in all different ways, but when we struggle with them, it’s time to focus on forgiveness.

The art of forgiveness is powerful and purposeful.

When you forgive a person, situation or memory, you are cleansing and clearing the energy associated with it. Cleansing the negative energy acts as a magnet for manifesting more of what you do want.


When you forgive you are….

Letting go. Releasing. Taking back control. Feeling lighter. Attracting more abundance.


In my own journey working through money blocks, the ritual of forgiveness has had the biggest impact. There is something truly magical and powerful about forgiving and clearing your old beliefs, resentment and money stories so you can open up new space for growth and flow.

Money is energy, and when you hold onto your old money stories, patterns and beliefs that may have caused shame, guilt, anger or sadness, you’re creating a big block to abundance. Staying in a repeat cycle with your money blocks is like gripping onto negative energy…and it never works in your favour.

Forgiveness around your money blocks can relate to your own money mistakes, money memories associated with family, friends, bosses or other people and also general money memories that have caused you to hold tight onto a pattern or belief.

It’s time to let go of the grip gorgeous!

This simple but powerful forgiveness ritual is an essential part of your journey to becoming a badass abundant boss.

This forgiveness ritual is based on the traditional Hawaiian ritual called Ho‘oponopono and it’s a way for you to release, let go of shame, guilt, sadness or anger and step into a new light where money flows with more ease and grace.

1 // Start by writing down each specific money memory that you have

There are some general examples below, but I really suggest writing down the specific situation or memory that you remember if you can so you can powerfully get to the core of where you picked up certain patterns or beliefs.

Forgiving others;

  • My old boss who rejected my request for a raise
  • My dad for teaching me that money is hard to make
  • My partner for being irresponsible with our savings

Forgiving yourself;

  • For overspending on items I didn’t need
  • For undercharging that client even though I knew I deserved more
  • For letting clients push my boundaries around money

2 // Forgive and let go of each memory

Once you’ve written out each money memory that you can remember it’s time to gently forgive, release and let go.

Read through each memory or statement, visualise the moment in your mind and say out loud:

I am sorry.  I forgive you.  I love you. Thank you.

You can either drown the paper at the end, burn it up (be safe!) or tear it up – whatever feels good to finalise your release!

Please note that forgiveness work isn’t about condoning someone’s actions. It’s about letting go of the negative energy that is holding you back. That’s why it’s important to say ‘I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you and thank you’ for your own sake, and no one else’s.

I always remind myself of this:

Resentment and anger is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die. 

Gorgeous one, you deserve to let go.

To release those blocks holding you back. To rise up into lightness and abundance.

This stuff isn’t always easy but it is essential if you’re ready to grow in your business and life.

After your forgiveness ritual take a few minutes to sit quietly and let it all process. You can say a gentle and powerful affirmation like the below:

I am infinitely supported by the universe.

Money flows to me with grace and ease.

I am loved and safe.

Stay golden,

Jenna x

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  1. Steffy Meia says:

    Hi Jenna,
    I love that saying! I have been trying to find a way to express to my loved ones the detriment of holding onto resentment and anger to ones self. I usually say “anger only hurts you in the end”. That saying is a wonderful and valuable analogy. Thank you.

  2. Cass says:

    This is such a beautiful article, thank you for sharing Jenna! x

  3. Daniel Cepeda says:

    I’ve been searching for ways to clear Money blocks for a long time now. From EFT tapping, egg cleansing, meditation etc. Nothing seems to work. I’m gonna give this a shot! Thanks!

  4. M says:

    How do I truly let go? I can never seem to do this, it either lingers or comes back. It’s a constant daily struggle for me. I want to be freed of this but I always feel trapped.

    • Jenna Black says:

      Working through some of these limiting beliefs can be challenging and I hear you, but continue to use the tools that work for you daily and focus on all the abundance and gratitude in your life. Some deeper energy healing may support you – such as Kinesiology. Trust that you can heal your life, continue to focus on this and love and approve of yourself right now as you are. You are worthy and enough.

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