An epic guide to make 2017 your most abundant business year yet

November 16, 2016

There’s something so magical about the start of a new year. You can wipe the slate clean and start fresh and after the crazy 2016 so many of us have had, 2017 is sure to feel like a new start!

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There’s something so magical about the start of a new year. You can wipe the slate clean and start fresh and after the crazy 2016 so many of us have had, 2017 is sure to feel like a new start!

The thing is, often we set big starry-eyed goals but we lose traction after a month or two. The sparkling magic of the new year starts to wear off and we drift back into old habits and ways of being.

If your goal is to inject more abundance into your life and really up-level your business in 2017, you’re going to need laser focus, clarity and the self confidence to expand, grow and evolve.

In this guide, I’m sharing my favourite tips, truths and tools to help you stay on track, uplevel your business and of course, bring in more freedom, fun and abundance into your beautiful biz.

1 // Set a theme for your business (and life) for 2017

I LOVE setting a theme word (or 2!) for a new year. It’s the minimalist way of setting goals 🙂

Creating a theme word for your year allows you to focus back on what’s most important to you, and it gives you that anchor that guides you forward. I personally set an overall theme word for my year in both my business and life, and then I select a focus theme for my business.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but here’s a starting guide:

Your overall theme for 2017:

Ask yourself “how do I want to feel this year in my business and life?”. Write all the words that come to mind.

Narrow it down to 1 or 2 favourites and stick them on a note somewhere you’ll see everyday. Remember to anchor back into that feeling or word daily to keep you focused.

My overall theme word for 2017 is “abundance” (captain obvious over here!)

Your business theme for 2017:

Ask yourself “what is the ONE thing I want to prioritise this year in my business, that will guide everything else forward?”

I’m a firm believer in having focus in your business, especially as the CEO. You want to make sure you’re doing the work that creates growth, impact and up-levels you. When you’re setting a focus theme for your business, question the big things you want to achieve next year and where your energy should be focused to make that happen.

My business theme for 2017: “build connection and trust”

2 // Plan in advance but keep it simple

We all know the saying ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ I live and breathe by this statement! Planning is actually one of my favourite things to do in my business, because it brings my focus back to what’s important.

Here’s where so many of us go wrong with planning:

We plan big and beautiful goals that leave us overwhelmed and doubtful which eventually leads to inaction (or we end up distracted in social media land, amirite?)

Your goal for 2017 sweetness, is to plan your goals and break them down into bite sized chunks. Think simplified action that amplifies your impact.

Whenever I’m planning my goals, I always plan in 90 day chunks. This makes it doable and achievable. I also set ONE chief goal for my entire year. Yep, just one. (Shout out to Tara Gentile who I learnt this approach from first)

As the business owner, we’re pulled in so many directions but setting ONE chief goal allows you to get focused and pull your attention back to what’s important.

Your actions:

  • Set ONE chief goal for 2017 – what is the overarching thing you want to achieve? (Hint; it usually links in with your above business theme!)
  • Plan ahead in 90 day chunks and break down your actions that will lead to you achieving your chief goal

3 // Nurture your money mindset

Of course I’m going to throw this one in!! If you’re seeking more money, freedom and fun in your business in 2017, you’re going to need to work on your money mindset. But don’t worry, it’s not something to be afraid of (we all have money blocks!), it’s simply a way for you to up-level and grow your business with more confidence and ease.

The amazing thing is, once you have this awareness around your unique money blocks and how to start releasing and healing them, you take back control of your business. I see it as stepping into your power and taking that next step forward.

The best place to start is by getting awareness around your money blocks so you can start to release and heal them. Doing this makes room for more abundance to flow to your beautiful business. 

4 // Create for your community, consistently

“Create so much they can’t ignore you” – Dan Norris

If you really want to stand out and show up in 2017, creating consistent value for your community is key. Getting your big ideas and magic out into the world is key.

The thing is, your business isn’t about you, it’s about your tribe and the people you serve.

And the most effective way to create trust, build community and up-level your business is to create consistently and provide so much epic value, they simply won’t be able to ignore you.

What will you create in 2017?

5 // Make friends with your fear

The day I realised that my fear wasn’t something to be scared of was the day my entire outlook on my business changed. We all feel fear (yep, even the big players!) but what we do with it will determine our success.

I’m betting there’s things you know you should be doing to grow your business but you’ve been holding yourself back and letting fear take over. I totally relate and it’s something that needs constant work. But I want to encourage you to start seeing fear as your friend. Understand it’s there to keep you safe, and you can take back the power instantly if you choose to.

I go into more depth about making friends with your fear here, but just know that 2017 can be your most magical year yet, if you decide to feel the fear and do it anyway!

6 // Find your support network of biz besties

Oh my, this is a big one. We simply can’t do business without the support of like minded people who just get it. Yep, I’m talking about the people doing the work, showing up and building a business too!

It’s great to have the support of your friends and family but there is NOTHING like having business besties.

Where to get started:

  • Start making connections with other people you see doing amazing things. Reach out and start a conversation. You’ll be surprised how many people are open to chatting!
  • Join or create a mastermind group (free or paid) – this has been one of the biggest game changers for me. Highly recommended!
  • Set up or join Facebook groups that feel nurturing and inviting – support others and you’ll receive it back.

7 // Think, feel, walk and talk like the abundant boss that you are

A simple one here. If you want to turn your big beautiful dreams into reality in 2017, you have to think, feel, walk and talk like the abundant boss that you are. You have to do things differently if you want to move up and grow. When you create an abundant energy in your daily thinking and actions, the universe will listen and meet you where you’re at.

Remember the universe loves clarity and action.

8 // Let go to scale up

As a recovering perfectionist I know how hard it can be to let go and outsource certain parts of my business. If you want to make 2017 your best year yet, you’ll likely need support to get you there. Outsourcing or automating doesn’t have to be expensive though.

How to start small:

  • What tools or software can you invest in now to create more abundance and flow?
  • What areas of your business can you start to outsource or get a virtual assistant to help you with? It could be as simple as someone helping you for 3 or 4 hours a week.

We simply can’t scale up and evolve our business without letting go of some tasks. You can’t be the manager of all parts of your business, it’s a business after all! Allow yourself to come back to your beautiful zone of genius and find support for the other moving parts.

9 // Focus on collaboration over competition

Has business so far felt more like a competition than a joyful and abundant journey? I remember when I first started out, I would get whacked with comparisonitis ALL THE TIME. I’d see other amazing women creating cool things and popping up all over social media and it would drag me down.

Darling heart, if you’ve felt the sting of comparisonitis, know that you’re not alone. But the best way to untangle yourself from this is to bring the focus back to your beautiful uniqueness and focus on collaborating with others.

Start to see your competitors as soul sisters in disguise. Reach out, connect and build relationships. This is the most beautiful and fun way to find support and grow your business too.

10 // Know that you are enough and you’re ready to move forward

My final message for you sweetness is to simply know that you ARE enough and you ARE ready to move forward.

So often I see gorgeous girl bosses with so much value to share, but they simply let their mindset or fear take over and keep them playing small. If you’re tired of doing this to yourself, you have permission to stop, right now.

You don’t need to take another course to launch your idea.

You don’t need to wait until ‘x’ happens to do that thing.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve reached 1,000 followers to pitch yourself for that interview.

You’re ready now.

You’re enough just as you are.

People need to hear you, see you and work with you, right now.

2017 is going to be your most magical and abundant year, if YOU allow it to be.

You’ve got this gorgeous. 

Jenna x

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  1. Tess says:

    I love this article. 2017 is going to be EPIC!

  2. Lauren says:

    What an awesome list – wishing you a 2017 FULL of abundance!!

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