The number one trick to create abundance in your business, right now

October 20, 2016

I’m not going to let you wait on this one. Here it is:

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I’m not going to let you wait on this one. Here it is:

The number one trick to create abundance in your business right now, is to think, feel, walk and talk as if you already have everything you want, need and dream of.


An instant shot of abundance into your life

It’s normal to think that manifesting and the Law of Attraction is about thinking of what you want and letting it come to you. Now of course this is a huge part of it, but it goes deeper than that.

Where the real magic happens is when you feel and believe that you already have everything you want and need.

Whatever you experience is a match to your predominant beliefs and feelings, and you’ll experience things that match the way you are feeling or the thoughts you are holding onto right now.

So, to start attracting what you really want, you have to be an energetic match for it.

You have to literally think, feel, walk and talk like you already have it.

Think of it like an instant shot of abundance!

It’s not about pretending like you’re someone you’re not. It’s about focusing your energy in a way that makes you feel abundant and good right now and adopting a new outlook or perspective that improves your mood and thoughts.

When you tap into this higher vibrational energy, you’ll attract more experiences or things that are a perfect match for that energy.

Don’t freak out – the universe won’t cancel your order for everything you’re trying to manifest

When I first started practicing manifestation, I remember thinking “but if I feel good all the time, won’t the universe cancel my ‘order’ for everything I want and need?”

It sounds ridiculous now, but at the time I really believed that if I tapped into this abundant energy, I would somehow tell the universe ‘hey cancel my order for everything I desire – I’m good!”

It was the exact opposite.

It simply doesn’t work like that.

And it’s because when you feel good and feel abundant right now, you’ll start attracting things that match that energy.

Applying this to money

Creating an abundant feeling and thinking state when you’re struggling with money can be hard. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s easy to think ‘this is bullshit, this isn’t going to work.’

It’s easy to become negative in this situation because we’re holding onto our old money stories, desperate to not let go and instead we point out all the things that are wrong. We want to prove how we’re completely justified to feel how we do in this shitty situation.

It’s like we’re looking for a magical unicorn to come along and give us a tool that will solve all our money issues. But the thing is, there is one thing you can do right now to start bringing more financial abundance into your life.

It’s making the decision to start doing things differently in an energetic way.

You literally have the choice right now to operate on a different energetic level but you have to be willing to do things differently if you want to achieve change.

Of course things take time, especially working through your own personal money blocks, but the single decision to energetically feel abundant right now, starts the process of attracting the things you do want and aligning yourself with what you want to be, do and have in your life.

Ways you can instantly uplift your energy to create more abundance in your business

When it comes to your business and creating abundance, there’s some simple ways to instantly uplift you from ‘this is shitty, things aren’t going well’ into abundance and flow.

Attitude of gratitude: the quickest way to start operating in an abundant energy flow is with gratitude. Start your morning by listing down or thinking of 3 things that you are grateful for in your business.

Declutter: when you declutter the shit that no longer serves you in your business, you’ll create space for more abundant energy to flow. What if you stopped doing things in your business that are dragging you down and made room for more of what you do want?

Small upgrades: making small upgrades in your business allows you to take a step closer to having the business and life you dream of. Think of small things you can upgrade today: new stationary, a new candle or crystal for your office space, a new app or piece of software to better manage your time.

Showing up: part of creating this abundant energy in your life comes back to showing up as if you already have everything you want. How can you start showing up in your business with new energy? It may be getting dressed differently, sending off that pitch email you’ve been holding back on or simply changing the words you use to express what you do.

Attracting more of what you want and need into your business all comes back to making the decision to change the way you think, feel, walk and talk. Will you make the choice?

Stay golden

Jenna x

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  1. […] is a powerful tip – visualise yourself already having what you want. Literally feel it into your being, feel it in your body, the way you walk, talk and dress. I use a […]

  2. […] At the time of writing this, there are 7.5 billion people in the world. Just let that soak in! There are more than enough customers, resources and money to create your dream business and life. Money is simply energy, so if you open yourself up to believing there is more than enough at all times, you’ll lean into that positive energy and allow abundance to flow to you with ease. […]

  3. This is amazing! Mindset is everything. Thank you for the great tips. I will definitely become a regular to your website xxx

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