5 signs to watch out for to know that the universe has your back

October 17, 2016

Want to know who my guru is? It’s The Big U… a.k.a the universe.

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Want to know who my guru is? It’s The Big U… a.k.a the universe.

Whether I’m feeling lost, fearful or I’m working towards a new goal that stretches me outside of my comfort zone, the one thing I can always count on is that the universe will be there to support me.

But I also know that sometimes you might have one of those days.

Nothing seems to go right and you doubt and question your ability. It’s easy to get frustrated and you may start to question whether the universe has forgotten about you all together!

Well gorgeous, it hasn’t. The universe always has your back. Your goal is to trust in its power.

With that in mind, I’m going to share 5 signs to watch out for so that you know the universe (always) has your back. When you feel those doubts creep in, come back to these signs and you’ll see that you’re always being supported.

1 – You can be grateful for what you do have

When you tap into an attitude of gratitude, you’ll be brought out of your ‘the world is against me’ zone and into appreciation and love. The universe feeds off this energy and responds with more amazing things and moments to be grateful for. Hey if you have a computer, wifi and you’re reading this, you already have so much to be grateful for!

2 – Your intentions manifest quicker, once you get out of your own way

Do you ever feel like you’re blocking yourself from achieving your dreams? This can happen in many ways but commonly it comes down to resisting change, holding on to negative beliefs, not trusting your intuition or continuing to do things that are no longer serving you.

As soon as you get out of your own way and detach from the outcome, you’ll likely find that your intentions manifest quicker. Why does this happen? Well, your thoughts create your reality, so when you rewire your beliefs and take new inspired action, you’re letting the universe meet you halfway.

The Big U wants you to trust it and allow it to help you. When you do, you’ll notice things flow with more ease.  

3 – Your intuition is growing stronger everyday

The universe is always guiding you with nudges, clues and messages that you’re on the right path. The easiest way to access this is with your intuition. Whether you call it your inner mentor, BFF or gut feeling, your intuition gets stronger the more that you tap into it. Trust it, listen and take intuitive action.

4 – Unexpected people, things or messages show up

When you declare what you want to the universe and you’re really clear about your intentions, experiences, people, things or random messages start to show up. This may be in the form of repeating numbers, symbols or signs. You might get a call from a friend or peer who can help you with something you’ve been needing support in. When these experiences or things happen, you can trust that the universe is conspiring to bring your intentions to life.

5 – Your physical body is communicating a message

Your physical body shows many signs or messages of your emotional, spiritual or mental health. Listen to your body and the messages it may be communicating to you in certain situations or experiences.

As an example, I got a nasty case of bronchitis at a time in my business where I was battling issues around self expression. I knew how I wanted to show up in my business and the messages I wanted to express, but I was holding myself back and staying in a state of fear.

I was literally blocking my own self expression and the universe responded with a nasty throat and chest infection! I knew this came back to my own issues with fully expressing my truth and that I had work to do on my self confidence in this area, especially on expressing my unique voice and truth.

You might realise that you get sick before a big event, or that your body shows physical warning signs around certain people. Whatever it may be, listen and tune in and trust your intuition here. The universe is guiding you with these physical messages.

At the end of the day, when you are open to receiving messages and guidance from the universe, that is what you’ll receive. If you are blocking yourself or doubting in the power of your relationship with The Big U, you’ll block the guidance it wants to give you.

The universe (always) has your back. Trust it.

Jenna x

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