How to gracefully say no to doing sh*t you hate

October 13, 2016

Why do we do it to ourselves? Taking on projects, doing stuff for clients that aren’t in our contracts, posting in Facebook groups 25 times a day….WHY?

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Why do we do it to ourselves? Taking on projects, doing stuff for clients that aren’t in our contracts, posting in Facebook groups 25 times a day….WHY?

There might come a time in your business and it might be right now, when you realise you’re doing a whole bunch of shit that you actually hate to do. You might stop and realise that you feel like the employee rather than the boss. You feel me?

It’s time to stop doing shit you hate (say it with me!)

I’m guessing you started your business to have more freedom, time, impact, purpose and money – all on your own terms. It’s bliss being your own boss most of the time, until you lose your boundaries and focus and start doing the things that you dread or dislike doing.

But in all honesty, I want to help you take back control of your business so you can be the boss that you are. And you know what happens when you say no to doing shit you hate? You open up new energy and create space for what you do want to flow to you with ease and grace.

1 // Identify the stuff you hate doing

The first step in taking back control is to get clear on all the tasks and things you’re doing that you actually hate to do or that no longer serve your business.

This may include:

  • Client work outside of your agreements
  • Undercharging for your time
  • Offering certain services and products
  • Running social media or marketing
  • Projects and collaborations
  • Sending emails and general admin
  • Invoicing clients
  • Etc etc etc!

There’s many moving parts to a business, but the first step to embrace your boss power is to assess the areas that you no longer want to manage, that are completely draining you. You’ll know what these things are if you feel like heaviness, resentment and dread inside you each time you have to do it or think about it!

For me, I realised early in my business that I was working with a particular client who didn’t value the time and energy that I put into their project work. I was stretched thin and undercharging. I realised after months slogging away that I had created this for myself. How? I didn’t set clear boundaries and I didn’t have the confidence to say ‘no’ when they asked for extra work outside of my contract.

You may be in a similar situation or find you attract clients that don’t value your time and effort. If so, don’t feel bad. It can happen to anyone. The next step is to move gracefully out of the situation and take back control.

2 // Saying no with grace

Once you’ve identified the things / projects / tasks that you hate and where you’re feeling resentful or frustrated in your business, it’s time to say no. Saying no will come in a variety of ways, depending on what you’re letting go of.

General business tasks you can stop all together or outsource

If you simply want to stop working on certain tasks in your business because they are consuming your time and aren’t within your zone of genius, you can ask yourself whether you need to outsource, stop them all together or streamline them using software/tools.

For example you may want to outsource your social media and email admin by getting a virtual assistant. You can start really small with a few hours a week. Maybe you want to invest in some automated software to help you with your client scheduling or invoicing. Whatever it may be, question whether a) you actually need it at all and b) how you can outsource or get support.

Client or project work

The next part of saying no to shit you hate is with clients or projects. This gets more tricky!

Maybe you’re working overtime and not getting paid. Maybe you’re no longer invested in your services and are looking to pivot and change your business.

Whatever is happening for you, I want to remind you that you have the choice to change.

This is your business and you have the choice to work and deliver your value in the way that you want to. That being said, I totally understand there are times when clients take control and you feel pulled in many directions, overworked and sometimes underpaid.

These tips can help you gracefully say no

♥ Assess the situation and people involved first. They may be completely unaware of how you’re feeling and simply need to be reminded of your agreement and project outline, or they may be a more difficult person to deal with. If that’s the case, you’ll know whether it’s time to fire them as a client all together. Only you can make that decision, so please allow yourself to get all the facts first, trust your intuition and go from there.

♥ Get clear on the original agreement and what was set out to begin with. Check your contracts and original emails to ensure you have all the information you need.

♥ Maintain your professionalism and stay calm and composed. Keep things very simple and clear when communicating your situation and request. Be gentle but firm.

♥ Aim to reach a mutual agreement that suits both parties. If there are continuous situations that occur and the message doesn’t get through, assess whether it’s time to part ways.

Remember that every situation is different so trust your own intuition when making your business decisions. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and as a boss, it’s your role to stay in control of your business and what you’re comfortable and happy to do.

Boundaries are bliss

You might realise like I did early on, that your business needs more boundaries. Yep, I can tell you that setting clear boundaries with your clients (and yourself) is the best way to create a fulfilling and abundant business!

Once you have boundaries in place, you’re showing the universe that you’re ready to make a change and up-level your business. So protect your vision and goals and set very clear boundaries. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Stay golden

Jenna x

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