How to trust in your uniqueness to crush the comparison trap

October 11, 2016

You’re scrolling on Instagram, mindlessly looking at all the pretty pictures and then… it strikes.

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You’re scrolling on Instagram, mindlessly looking at all the pretty pictures and then… it strikes.

The comparison trap. (cue Doom’s Day music)

You’ll know you’ve been stuck in the comparison trap before if you’ve ever had thoughts like the below:

→ “I’m not good enough”.

→ “Holy shit that was my idea, I can’t possibly do that now”

→ “Her brand is so beautiful, mine looks basic. How am I ever going to be successful?”

→ “I’m not expert enough / good enough / talented enough. I think I need to take another course first”

→ “I guess I should give up now because there’s too much competition.”

The comparison trap is a sticky situation to be caught in, but it can happen to all of us. Yep, even the girl bosses with years in the game, can still get doubts and fears when they see others launching a new product or releasing their latest glossy brand photos!

So how do you start to remove yourself out of the sticky comparison trap and get back to your vision and dream? It starts with valuing yourself and trusting in your uniqueness.

When I say uniqueness, I mean all of you gorgeous! Your gifts, strengths, personality, ideas, values, dreams and beliefs.

When you lack trust in your own ability to create and cultivate your dream business and life, you create a ‘lacking’ environment, where you start to feel like you’re not good enough or worthy enough.

This is exactly what comparison feeds on. It loves that stuff!

So instead of feeding the comparison monster, you have to starve it.

How? With kick ass self love and by leveraging your unique gifts, message and personality.

With that in mind, I want to help you start the process of trusting in your uniqueness, so you can bring the focus back to what’s important; you and your dreams.

Your uniqueness makes the competition irrelevant

Think about this. You may be in an industry where there’s plenty of other girl bosses doing the same thing or similar to you. They might have similar services or target markets. But you know what they don’t have…or ever will have for that matter?

They don’t have your uniqueness.

Your magical presence, essence and personality.

Being true to who you are and putting more of yourself into what you do, makes the competition irrelevant. Let that soak in for a second.

When you say ‘screw it, I’m doing me’, you’ll start to create the mindset that you need to stay focused on your own strategy, goals and dreams. And trust me, it doesn’t matter if there’s plenty of other people doing similar work to do, because no one, I repeat no one, can do it just like you.

Your uniqueness is the strongest way to build connection and trust with your community

Knowing that your uniqueness makes the competition irrelevant allows you to start forging stronger connections and trust with you and your dream tribe.

Here’s something I learnt early on in my business: I’m never going to please everyone.

Not everyone is going to align with your message or want to work with you (loving reality check right there)

But what will happen when you start to crush your comparisonitis, is that you’ll lean into your truth more. You’ll speak your message with confidence. You’ll play to your strengths. You’ll build a business around what you love, not what someone tells you that you should do.

By doing this, the right people will start to be attracted to your business.

They will align to you, seek your words of wisdom and want to soak in all of your epic value. These are your people.

When you trust in your uniqueness, your people will find you.

Your uniqueness is your golden ticket to an abundant business and beautiful life

Abundance is living life with freedom and flow but if you keep getting stuck in the comparison trap, it makes abundance almost impossible to receive.

I see this when beautifully talented girl bosses try to ignore their true message, voice or gifts. They literally block their own abundance by either staying stagnant in a state of fear, following a cookie cutter “strategy for success” or creating a business that feels misaligned and inauthentic to who they really are.

If this sounds familiar, know that you are enough just as you are. Your uniqueness is your greatest superpower, so please don’t ignore it or push it to the side.

Your uniqueness is your golden ticket to the business and life you dream of. Trust it and let the abundance flow.

Stay golden,

Jenna x

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