The Soul Client Seductress...

Her standards are high, her heart is open
She holds the most pristine + potent energy in her sales conversations 
Her soul clients are self decisive + desire-led 
She carries energetic certainty in her very being 
And her high end clients hire her automatically and on repeat

Soul Client


Attracting high end soul clients becomes an effortless, seductive art, when you master being the Queen of your energy.

Attracting high end soul clients becomes an effortless, seductive art, when you master being the Queen of your energy.

There are powerful soul clients in your field right now ready to work with you - but you have to be energetically available for them.

Once you master this, attracting your soul aligned clients becomes an effortless, daily and natural thing - they come to YOU - on repeat

I am a queen at soul seductive sales.

I’ve built my company to 7 figures in under 2 years through pure organic, sexy, soul aligned sales.

No big launches. 
No convincing energy.
No settling.

Inside The Soul Client Seductress I am taking you behind the scenes of all my energetic secrets + strategic principles to see you attract THE soul clients you desire.

Inside Soul Client Seductress, I'll walk you through my transformative + simple 4 part framework + method called...

S.A.L.E (and you'll be making more of those after this experience!)

This is the energetic process to increase sales, sell with certainty and carry a higher standard for your soul business.


How to attract a new calibre of soul clients through the art of organic attraction based energetics and marketing - arriving into your seductive soul energy, and calling in the high end clientele you actually desire to work with

How to structure, price and position your signature offers to speak directly to your soul clients - we will look at the strategic principles of being a seductress selling queen and how to bring this structurally into your offers for more full body yes vibes 

How to position yourself as The One for your soul clients, and arrive into a new level of your power and visibility, so selling becomes fun and effortless - and they SEE you fully for your highest value

How to hold the higher standard for yourself and your clients to rise, including pristine energetics in your offer, pricing and value - so your energy attracts the soul clients who are a full easeful yes as they come to YOU


The  "S.A.L.E"  method






  • Defining the New Era of your soul clients and claiming who you most desire to work with

  • How to hold the higher standard for the high end soul clients you actually desire to work with 

  • How to energetically be available for the soul clients already in your field ready to hire you

  • Preparing your business model structurally and your energy field to receive higher influx of money, clients and energy

  • The art of being a seductive sales queen - in every way - and see this ripple into your sales, your client delivery and your overall business growth 


  • How to structure and strategically package your offers to speak to high end soul clients

  • Premium pricing and standing in your power and certainty in your prices and offerings

  • The energetic confidence to say what you do, who you serve and why you're The One for your soul clients 

  • Positioning your coaching, healing or service based business as premium to attract high end soul clients ready to pay

  • The strategic principles to a signature offer suite and rolling "menu", that attracts soul clients daily, on repeat 


  • How to lead yourself into a new level of presence + authority with the Omnipresence Strategy 

  • Positioning yourself as The One that your soul clients desire + hire

  • How to hold more powerful + assertive soul based sales conversations 

  • How to master the art of seductive money conversations so the “investment chat” becomes fun + powerful

  • Turning up the volume on selling, so it becomes an effortless daily occurrence 


  • The energetics of calling in soul aligned decisive clients as you hold a safe, secure energy in your sales approach

  • The art of unattached organic sales that lead to more yes energy

  • Clearing all convincing energy and leading with soul certainty

  • Elevating your energetic field to luxury level so your clientele see and value your mastery 

  • How to operate in a higher wealth timeline and energy field so selling becomes pristine + flow based 

Inside The Soul Client Seductress
we’ll cover:

What you get:

  • 🔥 4 x Recorded Masterclass training calls with me to break down the S.A.L.E method - over 6 hours of strategic + energetic mastery.

  • 🔥 Specific action steps + sexy soul work to apply this to your offers, sales and energy

  • 🔥 An online portal with lifetime access to the program to continually expand and scale your magnetic sales


Can be applied to any level of your business, whether you’re going for your first $10k month or scaling to $$ 7 figures - these energetic + strategic principles will support you time and again as you continually elevate + attract your soul clientele. 


Because they know you are The One.

You hold the most pristine + embodied certainty in yourself.

Selling feels potent, effortless and a daily flow.

You have a signature 'menu' that sells on repeat.

Your soul clients find their way to you without hesitation.

You call them in automatically and daily.

They invest with ease.

You make bold, soul sourced moves.

And they feel it.

They are expanded by you.

They move and rise with you.

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Whether you're ready to be a booked out coach, an opulent healer or a sought after leader, this is the space to reclaim it all + turn on your sales!

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