A 7 week juicy vortex to embody your highest magnetism, turn on sensual organic sales and lead in business dripping in pleasure and power 

in my world, we reclaim our divine right to feel pleasure, we reclaim that wild abundance is our birthright and we activate our power fully expressed 

…dripping in divine cash 

...organically attracting f*ck yes soul clients

...selling with pleasure, sovereignty and spaciousness

…business queens of simplicity, flow and play

Your desire to let business be simple and pleasurable as f*ck IS the way to scaling to your highest impact and wealth

permission the f*ck granted, babbyy!! 

Knows that following her desires and pleasure IS the way

She is turned on, tapped in and lit up from within.

She seduces herself, and carries the codes of magnetism in her field

She commands her desires, energy and space.

She is embodied, rich and potent in her energy.

She moves with desire, decision and precision on her dreams.

Her aura is coded with femme power.

Because playing the good girl and following all the business rules is getting boring as f*ck.

You are the damn show. 

You are the one your soul clients desire.

Your desires are already yours.

You just have to become energetically available for them.

It starts with the opening of your pleasure, wealth and power portals.

Juicy, open, desire-flow.

A reclamation of you.

That your soul clients FEEL deep in their soul, and desire more of.

Her energy IS the algorithm. 

the magnetic as f*ck woman;

- 7 week group experience

- 6 x live transmission calls where I will teach, channel and guide you on the weekly codes as you claim it ALL (in our FB portal)

- 3 x live embodiment and magnetism activation calls (on zoom) where we will come together for powerful energetic healing and code activations

- 6 x weekly pleasure practices for deeper embodiment and opening of your magnetic field 

- A private potent + magnetic FB circle to get EXPANDED, lit up and tapped in with the other queens around the world

- Full course portal with lifetime access to all of the content - with specific actions, tools + practices - delivered via video or voice recording 

- Wealth codes, quantum manifestation tools and practices to do on the daily for magnetic pleasure-led sales 

- Social media and sales practices to see you show up, channel your divine message from soul, lead with pleasure, and level the fuck UP

- I’ll share alllll the juicy details so you can see exactly how I run my business from alignment, abundance and pleasure 

- How I generate $70k + launches without running ads, or complicated funnels and strategies 


This is NOT for you if you want me to tell you how many times to post on social media, when to post or what to sell etc...

We don't do basic here.

You’re here because you know it's not a strategy thing - it's an energy thing...and following the rules hasn’t worked anyway

But babbyyy queen...

This IS the program for you if you’re ready to experience business, money and life from PURE desire, pleasure and the fullest expression of YOU

If you're ready to energetically compound to higher cash months

If you desire to SEDUCE your life, and scale with so much juicy spaciousness and flow and f*ck yes energy

If you desire to feel fully turned ON by your offers, prices, and business 

If you desire more f*ck yes soul clients

If you desire to feel safe in your body, and express your highest message with certainty and ease

If you desire to feel complete pleasure in your work, your body, your money


And you're ready to claim it all and ARRIVE there, now

with desire, decision and precision.


In Magnetic As F*ck we don't just drop potent codes + frequencies - we embody them and BECOME them

as you activate your magnetism rooted in desire, pleasure + queen energy.


how it works...

one more thing...

Open your pleasure portals
Activate your wealth codes
Embody your power

Your soul is ready to get magnetic as fuck.

on every level - in your body, business and bank account 

and the truth is angel,

You've already arrived at your next level.

It's all available for you.

The woman you KNOW you're ready to BECOME already exists in your soul field.

and your p*ssy is likely saying mmm yes right now.

Let her lead you. 


Enrolment is currently closed. This program will run again early 2022. To be added to the waitlist for early bird pricing please email [email protected]