Queen Frequency

The Masterclass

Raise your standards, accelerate timelines and move into the new era of your business with pristine energy.

Join Jenna in this 2 day powerful masterclass experience, as you unlock the energetic and strategic principles to elevate your business into Queen status and arrive into your New Era.

Over 2.5 hours of training + activation ready to watch instantly!


She operates her business from her full divine power.
She knows who she is + what she wants.
She claims her richest desires, fully.
She energetically opens to the soul clients + sales she is ready for.
She strategically scales with spaciousness + structure.
She embodies the higher timeline.
She moves as HER, now. 

This is The Queen Frequency

+ How to raise your energetic standards and hold firmer boundaries in your offers and sales

+ How Jenna moved out of maiden energy in her business, and initiated herself into Queen (and you can too)

+ The art of accelerating timelines by clearing old energy and closing loops of scarcity 

+ Learn the 7 strategic and 7 energetic principles to operate your business as Queen

+ How to unlock your Queen Frequency codes and apply this to your sales, pricing, soul clients

+ Move into the New Era of your soul business, by activating your Queen Frequency

+ How to elevate your energy field AND your business, with pristine, clean, clear and direct energy

+ The process of activating your magnetism as you shift into your higher timeline and identity

+ How Jenna scaled to $1 million in under 2 years using these exact principles


It's time to claim the new era of your business - and move as the queen.

You'll Receive:

+ Instant access to our 2 day Queen Frequency masterclass replay (over 2.5 hours of training + activation with Jenna)

+ Lifetime access to the masterclasses

The Queen Frequency 2 Day Masterclass Experience is for the woman ready to claim it all - and enter The New Era of her business.




Yes, I’m in!

Words from inside The Queen Frequency masterclass



Yes, I’m in!