Jenna's signature wealth calibration + money expansion portal, for the business queen here to drip in riches and enrich the world.

Initiate yourself into a new money paradigm, tapped into infinite wealth as you heal your money story and reclaim your right to riches

Scale and enrich your business through wealth energetics and magnetic sales, moving as the seductress in business and life

Turn on money flow in your business, embody your soul's highest wealth timeline and expand your desires with potency and flow




6 months access to the Wealth Seductress program and group mentorship with Jenna 

Daily access to the live Telegram channel with exclusive voice notes + coaching from Jenna

Monthly live group masterclass call and wealth activation with Q&A coaching 

Monthly wealth and money practice 

Quarterly live 5 day wealth calibration portals with Jenna (4 x year)

The Wealth Seductress Facebook community

Private online portal with tools + healing temple

THE structure

In Wealth Seductress you are the point of power, at all times.

You hold the key, Queen.

The Wealth Seductress moves as "The One", in her business, body and bank account.


Expanding her capacity to receive, hold and circulate higher wealth.
Unlocking her signature offers, potent prices and rich soul gifts.
Attracting soul clients and elevating her desires.


Unlocking her inner life force wealth.
Remembering her worth and rich and rare soul gifts.
Moving from desire, overflow, abundance.
A clear channel for money to flow.


Elevating her wealth set point and luxury standards.
Opening her energy to receive and operate at a new frequency.
Activating her highest wealth timeline and legacy.


Work with me inside Wealth Seductress™ to heal your money story, calibrate your wealth portals and code your energy and business for beautiful abundance.

I’ll show you exactly how I've created a multiple 6 figure empire, with regular $100k months, that is easefully scaling to 7 figures. Wealth Seductress™ is a multidimensional program and community, combining my psychic channeling, high level business mentorship and healing all in one.

Your Wealth Seductress Experience Includes
6 Months Access to:

Join in with Jenna and the group inside our signature live Telegram channel where we chat business, magnetic sales, money and wealth

1. Live Telegram Channel

2. Monthly Zoom group calls with Q+A

3. Quarterly business wealth activation  portals

Join Jenna on Zoom every month for our signature masterclass and activation calls with Q+A coaching 

Every quarter Jenna holds live 5 day portals to plan and activate your business desires and sales

4. Daily Community + Queen Circle

The sisterhood and support inside Wealth Seductress will see you walk beside other women creating audacious desires 

5. Monthly Money and Wealth Practice

Every month you'll receive a new practice or tool to heal your money programming or expand your business. Build your toolkit for years of wealth flow to come.

6. Coach with Jenna for 6 months

Work with Jenna personally inside Wealth Seductress for 6 months at a fraction of the investment for private mentorship, and watch your business and money soar

Initiate Your Money, Business And Energetic Wealth Into The Higher Standard You Know You're Ready For 


Walk the path to your highest wealth timeline, as you calibrate to your soul’s natural wealth capacity and desires.

Meet your edges, and move from the power of who you are.

Activate your Highest Wealth Timeline

Channel your aligned offers, prices, divine gifts into your business, as you open new money channels and expand your receivership. Heal your patterns in receiving, and open your energetic business field to be a clear channel for abundance flow.

Open Your Money Channels
+ Magnetic Offers 

Your standards, boundaries, lifestyle and energy will receive a beautiful and nourishing upgrade, as you move into your new normal of luxury, spaciousness and flow.

Elevate Your Standards + Normalise Luxury And Overflow

Ignite a deep, trusting, relationship with money, yourself and Source. Open wide to your natural energetic receivership. Reclaim your divine worth and self power. 

Turn On Money Intimacy
+ Divine Receivership 

Heal money patterns, reclaim your lineage, shift dimensions and recode your energetic body for the effortless flow of abundance that lives within you. 

Heal Your Money Story
+ Recode Abundance 

The Wealth Seductress calls in what she desires - you are the point of power at all times. Move from the energy of your soul’s highest power and magnetise in your desires. 

Attract Divine Soul Clients
+ Your Wealth Desires

Prepare and repattern your body, business and bank account for the energetic influx of money and wealth. Receive, hold and circulate at higher levels. 

Energetically Expand Your
Wealth Capacity 

Your soul is already residing in the expanded field of possibility. Raise and elevate your wealth set point to meet the natural flow of abundance available for you. 

Raise Your Energetic Wealth
Set Point

I hold the richest energy in my spaces - and it’s this energy that sees my clients creating their first $10k day, their first $100k in their bank account, their next level business desires celebrated and elevated.

We will meet your edges and turn your wealth fire all the way ON.

Your frequency tapped into infinite wealth.

A new elevated standard for yourself, your clients, your life.

You are the point of power. This is where you own that. 

The Results + Frequency Inside

The Wealth Seductress knows what she desires and she becomes it.

She moves from her edge and says YES to her soul

And her business, her money, her energy - speaks volumes

As she drips in riches and enriches the world.

You + Me for 6 months, alongside a rich community of women rising

Energetically opening your field and your business to rich ownership, opulence and overflow

Expanding yourself and enriching the world, for the millions to come.

Payment Plans

  • Instant access to the Wealth Seductress portal and community
  • Instant access to the group coaching live Telegram channel 
  • Instant access to the monthly live Zoom coaching calls 
  • 6 months working with Jenna and our Wealth Seductress group

Your 6 Months Access Includes: 


Email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist when we reopen.