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11 days with Jenna Black to completely upgrade you into an abundant queen, flick the switch on prosperity + turn your wealth frequency all the way on - through the potent power of daily rituals.

I know you’ve been trying it ALL…

The vision boards, journaling under a full moon, putting in more ‘hard work’, signing up for another freebie webinar… and you’re freakin’ exhausted right?

Yet despite EVERYTHING you’re doing and trying – you keep hitting the same income limits, worrying whether you’re good enough or worthy enough, and you’re constantly freaked out about what’s in (or lacking) from your bank account.

Chanting another affirmation in the ‘hope’ of abundance pouring into your life, just ain’t the answer, gorgeous.

The truth is, gorgeous.... there is an infinite supply of money and abundance just WAITING to pour into your life.

It is literally ALL around you.

I used to be where you are…

On the verge of burnout, pushing myself to ‘try harder’ and sign up for every single training or tool out there in the hope of finding the ‘magic key to wealth and success!’

Until I realised it wasn’t about working harder or trying more and I didn’t need another strategy or tool…

I needed a complete
energetic upgrade.

I needed daily practices that would instantly raise my vibration and bring me into a constant state of abundance and money flow. 

it came down to....

My mindset, self worth, actions and vibration had to be ALIGNED with my TRUE VISION and IDENTITY. 

I had to become an ENERGETIC MATCH for my soul desires.

AND – this frequency had to flow throughout my ENTIRE day and life – not just in a forced 5 minute morning ritual.

simple and practical rituals that I use daily to upgrade me into more abundance, money and impact, with fun + flow.

I set out to create my own Rich Rituals

These EXACT daily actions and rituals have seen me:

grow a multi 6 figure empire

build a community of 30,000 + soul clients

be featured in Forbes and top podcasts

and so much more – all from a space of ease, magic and fierce feminine flow.

Now I’m sharing it all with you!

Because the secret to manifesting riches – on every level of your life, isn’t chanting another boring affirmation..

It’s tapping into your true prosperity power through PRACTICAL RICH RITUALS that make you an energetic match for ANY soul desire you want

And it’s through this divine process that you remember that you fucking GOT this, as you tap into the true infinite abundance of being YOU.

Think of it as practical business magic that flows 24 hours a day 

begin today!

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in Rich Rituals for 11 magical + powerful trainings, as I share the exact rituals that will change your business, bank account and whole freakin’ LIFE.

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what's included in rich rituals:

Learn exactly how to embody the identity of your wealthiest self, by aligning with the natural flow of universal abundance and letting your highest self lead you forward


Learn my exact 5 step daily process for manifesting ANY soul desire and stepping into your big vision with clarity, confidence, ease and flow


Master the energy of receiving abundance into your life, as you make small but powerful upgrades to your lifestyle, habits and identity. 


We’ll get our declutter mode ON, as you release the physical and energetic clutter that has been blocking prosperity from flowing to you. Learn how to create money temples in your home!


Manage your money like an abundant queen – we’ll make money tracking and management high vibe and super simple! Learn my exact systems for upgrading your income month after month.


Learn how to channel your message, sales copy and offers like magic, so that generating income is aligned, fun and super flow based. 


Fully embody a rich sense of self worth and self love, as you step into the abundant queen that has always been within you. Because a higher self worth = a higher net worth. 


Cast an abundance spell on your life through the power of your language and words. You’ll learn how to alchemize your money talk AND frequency, so your affirmations ACTUALLY work. 


Learn how to fully flow with the infinite abundance of the universe 24 hours a day. Bring laser intention to your vibration, actions and energy. 


Get access to a bonus guidebook of 12 of my recommended tools to use with your daily rituals – these are the exact techniques and tools I use daily to rise into more confidence, abundance, impact and money flow


When you join Rich Rituals you’ll get instant access to 11 key modules, to help you move through each rich ritual and implement them into your daily life – expect massive up-levels and abundance!


You’ll have lifetime access to the full program, so you can come back to it as many times as you desire


Including money and receiving meditations, my high level money manifesting and wealth creation workbook, the upgrade to abundance checklist…and more!


plus these bonuses!

Rich Rituals to open your channels to receiving abundance + money on every level.

Learn the simple rich rituals you can use daily to make manifesting ANY soul desire simple and automatic

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Raise your wealth frequency with divine ease, so you’re naturally in alignment with prosperity and abundance DAILY

Tap into money and abundance flow throughout the full 24 hours of the day (not just your 10 minute morning routine)

Create your own daily abundance rituals to set you up for success, impact, clarity and momentum

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Quit the limiting beliefs, habits and actions that have been blocking abundance from flowing to you, or staying with you…until now!

Know how to channel your sold out offers and message with clarity and certainty, so you finally rise above the noise and magnetize your dream clients

Craft daily habits that you can use for LIFE, to make manifesting ANY desire simple and automatic

This is not JUST about creating riches in the bank (although more CASH MONEY will be flowing your way!) – this is about creating richNESS in your whole life – spiritually, energetically, physically and emotionally.

Simplify your actions in business, so you know EXACTLY what to do daily, as you show up with CERTAINTY and CONVICTION in who you are

Rich Rituals will teach you both the PRACTICAL actions and SPIRITUAL tools to use daily, to tap into 24 hour abundance, impact and prosperity.

You’ll not only be learning the daily rituals and habits that will change your whole life, you’ll also step into a higher frequency where receiving your soul desires and true vision, becomes AUTOMATIC…and just who you are.

Think of it as a complete life and energy upgrade where abundance and riches flow on every freakin’ level babe!

Come with me behind the scenes of my multiple 6 figure business, to tap into the potent POWER of RICH RITUALS.

You’ll get instant access to the complete program when you join, so you can get started today!

“since day one I started experiencing big shifts and results. I had 6 women enrol in one of my courses within a single week. I feel like I've turned on the "lucky" switch in my life!"


They call me The Abundance Queen

Hey beauty, I’m Jenna – business and wealth coach, energy healer and soul activator for women who desire it all. 

I've mentored thousands of women to rewrite their money story and turn their soul purpose into an aligned and prosperous business and life.

I've been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and more for my modern spiritual take on wealth and abundance.

I deeply believe in YOU and your unique purpose - and it's my mission to help you create abundance on ALL levels of your life.  

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