4 part daily toolbox for visionary + spiritual womxn entrepreneurs to help you tap into money flow + embody your next level self on a daily basis.

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THE DAILY RICH KIT is a 4 part toolbox for spiritual + visionary womxn in business.

Learn how to tap into money flow + embody your next level self on a daily basis.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

3 day view of my EXACT daily routine and actions during a $50,000 sales week 

my “meet your inner millionaire” audio visualisation to step fully into your next level self and make you magnetic to abundance

20 minute audio “Be your next level now” – where I share EXACTLY how I embody my desires to manifest money, soul clients and my dream business on a daily basis

11 journaling prompts for massive up-levelling, money flow and impact (what I use personally and with my high level private clients)

Your Ultimate Kit
of Abundance

THE DAILY RICH KIT takes you behind the scenes of my 6 figure + empire with the EXACT tools I use for money manifestation and expansion.

I’ve served thousands of womxn to build a prosperous and aligned business and life with power and flow. 

I’m so excited to show you my EXACT weekly schedule, personal manifestation and money rituals and more!

These audio trainings and tools are some of the most POWERFUL I’ve EVER created and you’ll be receiving over $250 worth in value.


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Selling Queen

Spiritual Selling Queen is a 21 day program that will guide you to show up, sell confidently and get paid for being YOU. Tap into your queen energy to make your impact.

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Daily Rich Kit

My best selling Daily Rich Kit includes 4 of my go-to tools for raising your money vibes, creating flow in your business and becoming your future self now.

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Rich Rituals

Join me in Rich Rituals for an 11 day program where you'll build in practical and spiritual tools into your daily schedule to create ongoing divine money flow and influence.


Join me in this 2 hour workshop to create your personalised daily abundance routine that will have you feeling in flow, aligned and abundant AF.


To Abundance

Journal to Abundance will guide you behind the scenes in how I "write my reality" and call my desires into the now using the potent power and magic of journaling.

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A 3 week mastermind experience with Jenna to unlock your soul's purpose, take back your power and create the prosperity, influence and empire you've dreamt of


Money Queen is my signature program and mastermind community for visionary womxn ready to activate their power for wealth and money flow on every level

Money Queen




Abundance Routine

They call me The Abundance Queen

Hey beauty, I’m Jenna – business and wealth coach, energy healer and soul activator for women who desire it all. 

I've mentored thousands of women to rewrite their money story and turn their soul purpose into an aligned and prosperous business and life.

I've been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and more for my modern spiritual take on wealth and abundance.

I deeply believe in YOU and your unique purpose - and it's my mission to help you create abundance on ALL levels of your life.  

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