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Money Queen

Drip In Riches And
Enrich The World

Money Queen™

is a multidimensional money program and community like no other in this world - designed for coaches, healers and soul-led business queens who desire to unlock wealth - on every level

This Is Where You Write A Whole
New Money Story Where Money
Becomes Your Lover And Pleasure,
And Power Pour Into Your Body,
Business And Bank Account.

I'm Jenna,

Business Mentor, Psychic Channel, High End Healer and Money Queen™ to the world’s most potent and powerful soul queens in business. Money Queen™ is my signature program and global community that gives you my exact methodology for healing your money story, unlocking your wealth portals and coding your body and business for major abundance. I’ve created a half a million dollar company and I’m powerfully scaling to 7 figures - and inside Money Queen™ you get access to it all.

Money Mindset. Wealth Embodiment. Abundance Energetics. Pleasure Based Business. Money Magnetism. Wealth Coding.

When Women Enter Money Queen™ They Remember Who The  F*ck  They Are.

And this is my exact desire for you. That you lead a life that is a full body f*ck yes from soul. That you heal your money story and arrive at a new identity as a Money Queen™ That you deliciously dance with wealth, and circulate it into what is meaningful to you - your business, your loved ones, the world.

How Money Queen™ Works

Money Queen™ is instantly available to join all year round.

You get instant access to the official Money Queen™ 6 week program and our high frequency active Facebook group - with over 200+ business goddesses inside

And the juicy bit…

You get an ALL ACCESS PASS to the 6 week live rounds of the program hosted by Jenna twice a year…for LIFE.

Your Money Queen™ Access Includes:


The Official Money Queen™ Program 

Instant access to the official 6 week program to start today

The Money Queen™ program walks you step by step through Jenna’s signature methodology - that includes money mindset, wealth embodiment, pleasure based business, money magnetism and more


The Money Queen™ Facebook Community

When you join Money Queen™ you are entering a circle of coaches, healers, leaders, creatresses and soul queens - your new support team

 There is daily support inside our Facebook group - we celebrate each other and the energy inside will call you to a higher standard for yourself, your business and your life


The Money Queen™ Live Activation Rounds with Jenna 

Jenna hosts 2 x live 6 week activation rounds of the Money Queen™ program each year - and you get to join in free, everytime!

Join Jenna live on for group coaching, trainings, wealth coding and wealth embodiment calls


The Monthly Money Queen™ Facebook Live Calls with Jenna 

Jenna hosts live monthly support calls inside the Money Queen™ Facebook group

Ask questions + explore topics like business scaling, wealth expansion, money mindset, manifestation and feminine leadership

Money Is Deliciously Available
For You Right Now, Queen.

It’s encoded into your body and soul. You are a living temple of wealth… and when you remember this, your business, body and bank account open to drip in opulence, overflow and pleasure.

The Juicy Deets Inside
The Money Queen™ Program

Where you will arrive into a new realm of pleasure, wealth and power - compounding to new levels of opulence and magnetism

Week One

Reclamation Week - The Sovereign Codes

Reclamation Week is a powerful opening to your Money Queen™ journey - you’ll unlock ‘The Sovereign Codes’ - remembering who the f*ck you are and arriving into the space as a powerhouse woman, here to drip in wealth on every level

This week:

Heal and clear your money story + lineage to begin your new Money Queen™ life

Instantly begin to reprogram your money beliefs and lovingly release past conditioning

Unlock energy in your body for more pleasure, receiving and safety with money

Experience Jenna’s signature “CC Method” - to clear your money programming and code wealth flow instantly.

Week two

Desire Week - The Wealth Codes

Desire Week is juicy AF goddess - this week you will make desire based moves in your money, business and body…ohhh lala! You will activate ‘The Wealth Codes’ that are already encoded in your body to tap into a new realm of abundance, pleasure and receiving 

This week:

Decide and claim the money and wealth you deeply desire and calibrate your body and energy to that level

Make pleasure based money manifestation your new normal

Open safety and power in your nervous system to expand your capacity to receive and hold higher wealth

Get intimate with your finances and start creating new prosperity practices for life

Week three

Embodiment Week - The Magnetism Codes

Embodiment Week is a power portal in itself. You’ll unlock ‘The Magnetism Codes’ as you master money magnetism and soul client attraction all while opening your body and bank account for higher levels of juicy wealth flow 

This week:

Embody the business, wealth and woman you desire to be

Elevate your money set point and open your wealth channel in the body to widen your capacity to receive and hold more wealth

Harness your power to tap in, turn on and embody the energy of money and abundance in your body and business

Play with magnetism, marketing, sales and launching rooted in pleasure, soul and power

Week four

Lover Week - The Receiving Codes

Lover Week is dripping in pleasure, money and opulence. This week you’ll turn on ‘The Receiving Codes’ as money becomes your lover and you open yourself up to receive deeply, more potently and easefully than ever before. 

This week:

Open your business to receive energetically and arrive at a new level of leadership, certainty and overflow

Make money your lover and experience wealth and business dripping in divine feminine desire and led by your sexy sacred masculine

Work the Money Queen™ money management system and money date practice to increase your sales and play in new realms of cash

Embody deeper levels of safety, trust and support in your body as you increase your receiving capacity in business and wealth

Week five

Power Week - The Quantum Codes

Power Week is where you’ll unlock ‘The Quantum Codes’ as you make audacious and divine moves in business, money and life, landing into a new realm of wealth flow. This is the week you upgrade your personal power and channel that into your soul business for juicy expansion. 

This week:

Collapse timelines and compound to new levels of abundance and business income per month $

Play with quantum money flow and the energetics of becoming and living as your future wealthy self

Close energetic leaks in business, money, power and pleasure - to open and allow higher wealth flow

Drip in rich hot pricing codes, own your signature offers and arrive at new levels of business, leadership and personal power

Week six

Queen Week - The Royal Codes

Queen Week is the final week in Money Queen™ that invites you to fully embody your power and arrive into your new identity as a divine, wealthy, self-led woman. You’ll activate ‘The Royal Codes’ as you move with more luxury, pleasure and magnetism than ever before.

This week:

Activate Money Queen™ frequency in your business - the energy of having it all, without doing it all

Upgrade your decisions, actions and beliefs to arrive at a new level of receiving in your business and bank account

Command a higher energetic space around you as you create powerful boundaries and wealth codes that say ‘this is who I am’

Embody your millionaire self and upgrade your expression of love, abundance and power into your business and life


The Wealth Temple

The Wealth Temple is a potent and powerful space within the Money Queen™ program.

It’s a living library of rich tools, practices, and healing modalities to support you in clearing subconscious programming and embodying your highest power, pleasure and money magnetism.

Many women join Money Queen™ just for The Wealth Temple alone!

This sacred portal includes EFT tapping videos, money mantras, forgiveness rituals, wealth creation hypnosis, receiving visualisations, inner child healing, embodiment practices and more



Money Mindset Tools, Money Management Templates, Business Guides, Embodiment Activations and Daily Wealth Practices 

In this bonus module you’ll get access to a whole library of tools, templates and practices on money management, business foundations, wealth creation and more.

Money Queen™ blends divine feminine healing and energetics with sexy, sacred masculine action for major business expansion and wealth flow.


What the queens have to say…

Madi Baulch

I literally manifested a whole new life. My partner and I are looking to move states, I had new clients start to work with me, I’m changing my business completely.
All these opportunities came to me when I joined Money Queen. I now believe I am completely worthy of my desires. I’m living like the Queen I am and I am unapologetically myself. I can feel all the magical possibilities coming my way.

“I Literally Manifested A Whole New Life…”

Missy Mitchell

I had been working so hard on my own to heal my money mindset but the way Jenna teaches it has truly changed my life. I no longer feel like money has to be stressful and the deep wounds I held around being worthy of receiving have been healed. This has not only impacted my personal financial mindset but has also drastically changed the way I run my business. If you struggle with money, feel like you aren’t worthy and want someone teaching you from a soul centered space, Money Queen is for you. Thank you Jenna for your incredible work and light in this world.

"...Money Queen has created incredible transformation in my life."

Latisha Cotto

I am the Money Queen of my life. It's okay for me to be very honest about what I want and to embody my highest self. Before Money Queen, I lived with a lot of fear, doubt and worry that all of my endeavors would be in vain. I was literally cursing all of my beautiful programming. Since joining, my monthly income has more than doubled. Jenna is the real deal!

"I am the Money Queen of my life.."

Katherine Phifer

I love the wealth creation hypnosis in Money Queen - after I finished listening to it, I checked my emails and my coaching client had paid in full! I finally have no anxiety around money. Things are going so well, thank you!

"I listned to your wealth hypnosis and a client paid in full"

Dayka Robinson

Jenna taught me how to tap into the signature energy of money & how to embody/BECOME the flow in ways that are unique TO ME. I'm no longer searching for external ways to create abundance in my life & biz because now I've got the key!

"Money Queen™️ helped turn the faucet ON..."

I hold the richest and most potent energy in Money Queen™ - and it’s this energy that sees the queens inside creating their first $10k day, their first $50k week, their first 6 or 7 figure year right NOW in this space.

I teach you my exact wealth methodology that my clients have used to repeatedly uplevel to new levels of $$$ - sourced from pleasure and soul.

This is why the Money Queen™ babes repeatedly come back to the program and the live rounds with me over and over again to continually expand and upgrade their business, money and life.

And the most beautiful part is this:

…we do it all rooted in pleasure, love, safety and power.

Wealth on every level is the royal standard we hold for ourselves - and each other. 

I Want To See
You Soar, Goddess!

What the queens have to say…

‘Everything is clicking…I am now fully booked!’

‘I had my best month ever in business, with the least effort’

‘I over tripled my income this month!’

‘A $20k month! Feeling like my new normal has expanded’

Queen - You Didn’t Come Here To
Play Small Or Continue The
Cycles That Came Before You.

You came here to experience that dripping-in-riches feeling in your business, body and bank account. You came here to reclaim it ALL. To move with pleasure, wealth and power. To embody overflow and opulence as your new normal. To grow a business that is pleasure based, sourced from heart and soul. To drip in riches on every level, so you can enrich the world.

The Badass New Paradigm Of
 Divine Feminine Wealth Is Here.

It’s juicy as f*ck. It’s within you now. And I know you feel it too. Feel your body land into your desire for so much more.

More money, pleasure, power, certainty, love.

Meet yourself at a new level of opulence and overflow. Arrive into the version of you that is already there - dripping in riches and enriching the world.

She is within you right now. Your inner wealthy woman.

And Money Queen™ is where you meet her and become her. 

You Came Here To Soar Queen…
So Let’s F*cking Go. 


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