You Can Feel Her.

The turned on, pleasure-led, powerhouse goddess within you.

Who moves like a queen through business, life and love. Elevating her energy, her standards, her wealth.

Arriving with a full-body-yes into her power. Deeply, fully, embodied in the richness of you. She is within you.

And This Is The Portal In Which You                           - And 



Become Her.

Meet Her 

You arrive here today already dripping in magic. You’ve built a business that excites you + expands you. You’ve done ‘the work’ - to heal, empower and shift your business + wealth.

But you arrive here today, queen, because you desire so much more. Rich, hot and turned on - on every damn level.

An energy of mmmm yes that drips into your money, business and body An energy of magnetism that is felt by your soul clients - calling them into your world, with effortless potency.

An energy that can’t be f*cked with.

You came here to ARRIVE. ….and become her.

You will enter into a new realm of wealth, potency and divine power. You will embody deep psychic knowing and your body will open to receive the highest desires you came here to experience.

Your soul is already luxury. You know that. But now it’s time to play in your wildest wet + holy desires.

This Is Where We                     The                        In Your                                  And                                    

This Is Where We                
      The                          In Your                                                 And                                   


Next Level

Business, Body

Bank Account.

You Can Feel Her.




And This Is The Portal In


Which You



This Is IT Queen

My highest level container - completely private - you + me for 6 luxurious months of deep and intimate, soul, wealth + business expansion.


6 months of 1:1 psychic business coaching, healing + soul wealth activation

Unlimited coaching calls 

Private daily Voxer coaching + support

Distant healing & abundance activation as needed to clear energetic loops, activate your wealth channels and code your business entity to receive

The “all in” pass to my signature courses - and any course I launch during our 6 months together

I only ever work with 3 soul sister clients at a time at this level to ensure the highest integrity and service to you.


How I                                          And                

I “see, feel and know” what your soul and body are both desiring and requiring to unlock higher wealth - on every level of your business and life.

I am shown where your conditioning and areas of resistance to success, business, love, money, pleasure and power are.

Together we lovingly but powerfully detangle and extract the biggest blocks in your body and energy field - returning you into a higher state of effortless alignment and abundance.

I hold you to your highest desires - I see your highest timeline, your soul gifts, your codes - and I help you unravel it all, unlock it all and become it ALL.

I see where the energy leaks are in your business and I guide you to lovingly command your power, space and energy, as you move with certainty and soul precision.

Together, we walk you into higher realms of Pleasure, Wealth, Power - where money is your lover and soul is your CEO.

We activate the pleasure and power codes within your body and business that effortlessly open a portal for opulence, money and turn on, in every way.

I support you to clear and code your wealth channel - preparing your body and business for the higher influx of money, impact and pleasure that will begin to flow.

I walk you into new realms of delicious devotion, as you command your desires, your energy, your business and your leadership.

And I see and honour the whole woman - all of you - in all of your beauty, power, pleasure and divinity - as you heal, release, embody - and finally, arrive into the woman you came here to be.

 Dripping in riches, as you enrich the world.

The Queen in you, arriving into her highest vision + self.

How I                         

Coach, Channel 


The areas we will upgrade :

Signature Offer Suite 
Premium Pricing
Presence And Visibility 
Financial Overflow
Daily Strategic Moves
Wealth Coding 
Luxury Positioning 
Money Magnetism
Organic Magnetic Sales 
Soul Client Attraction
Energetic Expansion
Spacious Scaling 
$50k - $100k Month Energetics 
Soul Leadership
Bespoke divine channeling 
Queendom Activation
Psychic development
Divine Attunement
Energetic Potency
Income Stacking

You are a woman who knows what she wants.

You’ve likely already known that you are meant to co-create with me. You feel it in your cells, that sexy soul knowing that is always guiding you.

You don’t want to settle for ‘average’. You know your soul is luxury. You move with full body yes energy. You carry a deep knowingness in yourself.

YOU, Queen


You are a coach, a healer, a mystic leader. You are already near or touching 6 figures, and ready to unlock multi 6 - 7 figures.

You desire more pleasure, wealth and power. You are ready to take unapologetic ownership over your gifts.

You came here to lead. Your soul is iconic. You know you came here to drip in riches - on every level. Arriving and compounding to higher levels of pleasure, wealth and power.

And you know that the time to remember and become THAT woman is now.

              In Your

In Your






The Luxury Soul 1:1 experience is currently $5k / month or $28k in full for 6 months access.
I offer bespoke payment plans at this level.

Apply below, Queen and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Want to chat with me first?
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